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who am i
who am I, i wonder this all the time, i just wish this dark depression would leave. i cant keep going in the dark, i need a hand to guide me out.
Oh so who am i, who am i, oh so who am i, Im not the son he wanted, it was my fault he killed himself. im just a person now who they call family. so just take me out, so who am i.
verse 2
end this numbness and pain, the laughing at me. I wish i knew how to end this. im just a scared depressed child looking out at the cruel world full of hatred, full of guilt. i cry tears of sadness, i cant call for help anymore, no one will come i cant be helped. all my words are gone, the only thing i have leftto say is. im sorry for it all, i wish i didnt have to put everyone through this

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my lyrics, posted November 8th, 2012

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